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LUXILON 4G 125 ROUGH STRING 660' REEL- Gold, 16L (1.25mm)

LUXILON 4G 125 ROUGH STRING 660' REEL- Gold, 16L (1.25mm)


  • $25995

The 4G Rough 125 is a textured version of 4G for increased ball bite with dented surface to provide more string flex for a slightly softer and more forgiving feel. The proprietary blend of materials and production processes adds comfort while ensuring maximum tension maintenance, up to 30% greater.

  • 660' reel/200m
  • To obtain Maximum Tension Maintenance, the molecular chains making up 4G are strategically aligned in a parallel fashion. This minimizes entanglement to ensure less creep
  • Rough surface treatment is done after extrusion process but prior to final cooling
  • Structural integrity of string is secure as denting is done while string is still soft
  • String is completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture
  • Reduce tension at least 10% lower than nylon strings to provide optimum playability as 4G Rough does not suffer from tension loss common to other strings

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