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Head Graphene XT Instinct Rev Pro


  • $11995

The INSTINCT REV PRO is as loud and daring and fashionable as the rest of the series but it brings one more innovation to the court: The Adaptive String Pattern (ASP) technology allows you to exchange the grommet strips and choose between a 16/16 or a 16/19 string pattern which adds extra spin and depth depending on your personal style. And even though it is lighter than the rest of the group, the innovative Graphene XT technology makes sure that the swing weight is still up to the max by shifting the racquet's weight to where you need it most. In combination with an eye-catching design with a combination of blue and coral colors, this racquet will support your aggressive game and make your opponents see blue. 

Weight (g) 255 g / 9.0 oz 
String pattern 16/16, 16/19 
Head size 645 cm² / 100 in² 
Grip size 0-5 
Balance 345 mm / ¼ in HH 
Length 680 mm / 26.8 in 
Beam 27/22.5/21 mm 

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