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8622 SW Hall Blvd Ste B, Beaverton 503-641-9556
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Demo Program

Player's is excited to bring its popular demo program from Player's Racquet Shop to our online customers.  Below are the main rules and regulations of our "try before you buy" demo program that allows you test out racquets until you find the one that fits your game.

  • At the start of the program, a monthly deposit of $20 is assessed to the customer's card for security and insurance on the demo racquets. This $20 deposit is completely refundable against the racquet purchase price.  If you continue to demo after 30 days another $20 deposit will be assessed.
  • A customer is allowed to check out a maximum of 2 racquets at a time for a maximum of 7 days after receiving the racquets in the mail.  After 7 full days of testing customers are required to drop off the racquets with the included return shipping label at their local UPS facility.
  • All racquet demos are 4 3/8 (grip size 3) and are strung in the middle of the recommended manufacturer tension range.
  • A late fee of $2.50 per day per racquet will be assessed on delinquent racquet demos.
  • All deposits and late fees are 100% applied to the purchase price of any racquet.
  • As a courtesy to all of our customers, please call and inform our staff if you intend to send back demos frames late at any period during your demo process.
  • Customers are ultimately responsible for the demo racquets they have checked out at all times during that checkout period.  If the racquets are lost, stolen or broken outside of the course of regular play (i.e. misuse, abuse, accidental breakage) the cost of replacement will be the responsibility of the customer.  Our intent is always to make the demo replacement cost as inexpensive as possible for the customer. Please contact store management for specific details.
Finally, it is our goal to make your demo experience as fun and simple as possible.  The key to success in the demo program is communication between the customer and our expert staff who will use feedback to guide you in the correct direction, ultimately leading to the ideal racquet.
Below are some encouraging ideas on how to get through the demo process quickly and effectively while giving you the best chance at selecting the Right Racquet for You.
  • Let us help you operate and stay within your ideal budget.
  • Inform our staff member(s) if you are experiencing any arm issues or injuries (i.e. tennis elbow).
  • Plan to play with each demo racquet for at least 20-30 minutes before making a ruling on any given racquet.  Also, make sure to take each racquet through your entire shot repertoire (serves, forehand and backhand, volleys, etc.).
  • Make mental or written notes about your likes and dislikes for each racquet and share these thoughts with our staff.  This feedback will help us pick out options for your next batch of demos or help you decide between 2 final choices.
  • While demoing, try to get some basic feedback from your playing partner(s): are your shots landing deep in the court? is there a difference in the amount of spin and/or pace coming from your end of the court?  Some of these factors can help determine which racquet is ultimately making the most of your given game style and level.
Ideally, you want to find the racquet that feels comfortable to you on the court and gives you the best balance of power and control.
Once you have found a racquet that best suits your individual needs, let our staff know if we can help you choose a custom string, tension and grip size that will best compliment your style of play.
Finally, if you have any feedback on how Player's can make your demo experience better, please let us know.  It is always our goal at Player's to exceed your expectations in every capacity.  Thank you for choosing Player's!

Please Call to Setup a Demo: 1-(877)-6-TENNIS