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Because we are based out of Oregon (a state without sales tax) we are currently not required to charge our customers any sales tax on their orders, regardless of where they buy from. NEw legislation states that we may have to start doing so after reaching $1million+ / year in sales but we are in the clear until then. In an industry where everyone has to advertise and list products at the exact same price, saving someone approx. $15 on a racquet purchase by avoiding sales tax could be huge!


Our industry is so heavily regulated on price that every retailer online has to list and sell products at the same price point (until a product is discontinued and can be dropped in price), meaning that we will always have the lowest possible price on the net of any authorized dealer - granted, we will never be lower than anyone else but if we can find a creative way to phrase this other than "guaranteed lowest prices" I think we can retain a lot more customers on our page once they get there. There is still a lot of pre-conceived ideas out there that the big guys are cheaper than us that we need to find a way to get out of our customers heads (if possible!).


Player’s will ship every order over $50 for FREE anywhere in the continental US. On top of that, every in-stock order received before 1pm PST (4pm EST) will ship out the same day, with our Express Ground arriving in the Northwest within 1-2 days and most other areas of the country in 3-5 business days, ensuring you get your tennis gear fast- without paying extra!